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Rival Sons

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Rival Sons
Venue: BuskerFest – City: Long Beach – Date: September 2015

Rock ‘n’ roll revivalists Rival Sons have been enjoying quite a successful career around the world, touring relentlessly – including opening for emblematic bands such as Black Sabbath – but surprisingly they remain quite unknown on our shores. As a result, you can’t help feeling lucky when you get the chance to catch them in intimate venues, especially when it’s in their hometown – which also happens to be mine – Long Beach.  Following a show at local record store Fingerprints a couple years ago, they this time took the stage at Buskerfest, downtown Long Beach, for an acoustic set. Singer Jay Buchanan might have had some leg injury but it certainly didn’t seem to affect his vocal chords, the band delivering powerful, stripped-down versions of their songs. As a side note, listening to the small crowd around me was quite entertaining, pretty much everybody claiming to be their best friends or having discovered them at their first show …

Rival Sons live at Buskerfest in Long Beach

Rival Sons in Concert

Rival Sons Accoustic Concert


Rival Sons on stage