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Silversun Pickups

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Silversun Pickups
Venue: Fingerprints Music – City: Long Beach – Date: September 2015

Celebrating the release of their excellent, electronic-tinted, new album Better Nature, The Silversun Pickups came down to one of my favorite local haunts, the great Long Beach record store Fingerprints Music – where I stop by every Friday – to deliver a stripped-down set. Singer Brian Aubert and Bass player Nikki Monninger offered energized acoustic versions of some of their most emblematic songs, including new single “Nightlight”, “Panic Switch” and “Lazy Eye”. The two also showcased their sense of humor, most particularly when Mr. Aubert abandoned his bandmate during “Panic Switch” to go get a couple beers and came back to wrap up the song. The full band was on hand after the show to sign posters and albums, giving us also the chance to meet them.

Silversun Pickups' Brian Aubert in Concert in Long Beach

Brian Aubert – Silversun Pickups in Concert at Fingerprints Music in Long Beach

Silversun Pickups's Nikki Monninger live at Fingerprints Music

Nikki Monninger – Silversun Pickup

Pictures and review of Silversun Pickups in concert in Long Beach


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